The Southern African Regional Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services is a not for profit regional organization of Agricultural Extension and Advisory Systems (AEAS) in the Southern African region.

SARFAAS aims at the enhanced utilization of improved knowledge and technologies by agricultural value chain actors for improving productivity oriented towards their individual and national sustainable development objectives.


A region that is food and nutrition secured and developedthrough effective and efficiently coordination AEAS delivery system


The mission of SARFAAS is to facilitate and promote establishment of and strengthening of CF to put in place effective and efficient AEAS that ensure alignment, better coordination and stronger oversight Рthis will be achieved through the following functions

SARFAAS Functions

SARFAAS functions are:

  • to promote initiatives in agricultural advisory services in pursuing food security and rural development at every level

  • the harmonization of RAS policies in the region

  • to facilitate and coordinate

  • to facilitate and advocate for the attainment of CAADP development framework

  • to facilitate strong linkages between research and AEAS in the region