Overall objective

Enhanced utilization of improved knowledge and technologies by agricultural value chain actors for improving productivity oriented towards their individual and national sustainable development objectives

Specific objectives

Specific objectives of SARFAAS are to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of CF in determining their own priorities and in improving their advisory service systems

  • Build a Southern Africa regional organisation that can sustainably support national agricultural extension and advisory services to continuously enhance their contribution to national, regional, continental and global development objectives

  • Ensure the availability and accessibility of appropriate and up-to-date knowledge on advisory services from a range of sources in Africa and worldwide

  • Build strategic partnerships at national, regional and international levels between agricultural extension and advisory service, research and other institutions contributing to sustained growth and transformation of agriculture

  • Ensure that agricultural extension and advisory services (AEAS) actively contributes to the attainment of CAADP Plan of Action

  • Advocate for development and harmonization of agricultural extension curricula and evidence based policies in the region

Group work discussing the Constitution and Strategic Plan during SARFAAS side meeting in Gaborone. From left to right: Mr Tozamile, Dr Elliot, Dr Keba, Dr Verona